12 Benefits of Marketing on Social Media

When it comes to marketing online, there are tons of outlets for businesses to take advantage of. With the ever growing power of social media, it’s crazy to think that some businesses don’t even have a profile setup under networks they could benefit from.

As of Oct 2018, Facebook has 2.2B monthly active users. Instagram has 1B active monthly users with Twitter coming in with 336M active monthly users.

There are tons of benefits that a company can take advantage of with social media marketing. These are the Top 12 Benefits of Implementing Social Media Marketing into your business:

  • Brand awareness
  • Customer Support
  • Reputation Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Community Involvement
  • Product Launch and Promotion
  • Polling and feedback
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Expertise Building
  • News and Content Distribution
  • Public Relations

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